FIRE Doctoral school

The "Frontières de l’Innovation en Recherche et Éducation" (FIRE) Doctoral School is an international and interdisciplinary PhD program, accredited by Université Paris Cité (UPC) and co-accredited by Université Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL), which hosts students who are passionate about contributing to the implementation of the SDGs, who are willing to explore new disciplinary interfaces using innovative approaches, who have a potential for real-world impact, and who are capable of collaborating and communicating effectively with a wide range of stakeholders.

The FIRE PhD program is part of the EURIP (Ecole Universitaire de Recherche Interdisciplinaire de Paris) graduate school together with the AIRE (Approches Interdisciplinaires de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement) Master program.

We host research projects that cannot find their place in the usual doctoral school of the labs, because of their unconventional and interdisciplinary nature. Our aim is also to provide to our PhD students a wide offer of courses, covering scientific, technical, transversal and behavioural aspects, in order to help them become well-rounded young researchers.

  • 40% international students
  • 35-40 PhD students per year, 125 in total
  • 355 PhD graduates since 2009