Interdisciplinarity at the heart of our projects
FIRE PhD theses break barriers between disciplines mixing health science, serious games, network science... and even more!
Thesis projects examples
Epistemological and biochemical approaches of the origins of life
Ph.D. Project
Growth and transport in the dynamical cytoskeleton
Growth and transport in the dynamical cytoskeleton
Discover, learn, experiment on synthetic biology with a video game! Side bonus: measure game-based learning :)
PhD : How does learning language and maths at elementary school modify our brain ?
Create bridges between teachers, neuroscientists and pedagogy
Linked Semantic Mental Health Database
Mapping symptoms & behaviours to subjective & objective measures, projects, community initiatives and technologies
Students' learning development and path planning
This study examines to what extent students with various profiles (socials origins, gender, cultural capital), that are being exposed to an innovative pedagogical environment like the environment of Epitech, manage to define a professional project and develop individual or collective strategies in order to succeed in their objectives.
We develop synthetic transcription factors in Drosophila melanogaster
Media Reception In The Age Of Disinformation
PhD Project
Spatio-temporal control of division of labor in yeast communities
Study microbial interactions using cyber- and opto-genetics. Here we study the enzyme SUC2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
A paleometagenomic perspective to major lifestyle transformations in human populations
Analyse human demographic, genetic and microbial changes during the Neolithic revolution
Open Source Oceanography
A way to accelerate the acquisition of marine environmental knowledge by involving society in oceanographic participatory research