gaston rijo
Fire PhD student
Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on? Tap... Hello, my name is Gaston, and it's been seven days since... Oh wrong card we're not at NA. Sorry. Um. I'm Gaston and I like biology and reading things. And writing sometimes. This was supposed to be short so, yeah.
gaston's Bio

I've been working with evolutionary genomics since my bachelors' thesis. First with Trypanosoma cruzi which is like a dinosaur protozoan and also a parasite; I studied transposable elements in their genomes, the parasites inside the parasites. From there, I moved to population genomics with my Masters in Bioinformatics, where I extended a statistical method for detecting natural selection.

Now I'm working in a very exciting project at the Human Evolutionary Genetics lab at Institut Pasteur. I'm using population genomics and computational biology to reconstruct the demographic history of polynesians, hoping to create a framework where I will be testing hypotheses of adaptation and maladaptation.

I'm also generally interested in evolution, philosophy, philosophy of science, and anthropology. So I hope I will find a way to merge these academic interests together in the future.

I'm from Uruguay, the small country lying between the two South American Giants, Argentina and Brasil. A usual day in my life would be me getting up and realizing that I'm late for the lab, so you will probably find me running or in a rush half of the time. I REALLY like napping. I usually read philosophy books with the goal of learning philosophy, but they just end up being a good and healthy substitute for hypnotics. Which I also sometimes take as a post-pandemic millenial (can't escape from the generational mandate).

I like drawing stuff using just a pen or a pencil, but I'm not perfect at it. I just like doing it for the fun. Sometimes I write stuff and some other times I just think that it would be nice to write stuff.

How do I end this? Oh I forgot, I also like theater a lot.

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