Lorenzo Ciccione
FIRE PhD student
Italian Phd candidate in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. I work on the cognitive and neural bases of graphs perception and comprehension; in other words, how we read and understand a graph (such as a scatterplot or a histogram) and what happens in the brain when we do so.
Lorenzo's Bio

2013-2016 - BSc in Cognitive Psychology - University of Trento (Italy)

2015-2016 - Visiting student - Maastricht University (Netherlands)

2016-2019 - MSc and Diplôme de Grande Ecole in Cognitive Neuroscience - Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris (France)

2018-2019 - Research and innovation intern at SNCF (France)

2019 (ongoing) - PhD candidate in cognitive psychology and neuroscience at Collège de France

2018 (ongoing) - Teacher in cognitive neuroscience and psychology at Université Paris 8, Institut de Psychologie, IA School and EDC Business School