ljubica cimesa
FIRE PhD student
I am a doctoral student working in the field of computational neuroscience. I am working in the group for Network Dynamics and Computations at École Normale Supérieure Paris. My project is focused on modeling biologically plausible networks that enable animals to solve different tasks.
ljubica's Bio

I finished bachelor studies at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade with focused on Biomedical Engineering. At the end of my bachelor studies, I earned a full scholarship to pursue my master studies at University ETH Zurich, program Biomedical Engineering. During my master thesis I got interested in spiking neural networks - biologically plausible artificial neural networks. I gained additional knowledge in this topic by working as a research assistant in IBM research Zurich. In January 2020, I joined my team at ENS Paris where I am currently working.

I am interested in promoting research which I started by presenting my work at University of Belgrade and at Serbian national television. I am an advocate for diversity and empowerment of fragile people that are interested in science. In free time I like to do sport, go to exhibitions and explore Paris.

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