Aya Gomaa
FIRE PhD student
I am a PhD student at SynFly lab, where we use our homemade transcription factors to recreate gene regulatory networks (GRNs) in vivo. And we will be testing the synthetic GRNs in our favourite model organism the Fruitfly.
Aya's Bio

Interdisciplinarity - aka what’s unique in here- ?!! 

My project bridges a gap between quantitative biology, that provides gene expression data, systems biology that aims to establish accurate models of gene regulatory networks, synthetic biology that will be used to test these models and developmental biology helping to understand how gene regulatory networks shape animal development.

Background :

  • Obtained a bachelor in Biotechnology and bio-molecular chemistry, from Cairo University in Egypt.
  • Obtained a Master degree of Interdisciplinary Approaches of Research and Education (AIRE) from Paris Diderot University in France.

Can we produce bioplastics "from air" using the power of synthetic biology?
We develop synthetic transcription factors in Drosophila melanogaster