saurabh roy
Fire PhD student
Interested in the intersection of AI and affective experiences. Data ethics by design and related perceptions within individuals while leveraging technology in personal spaces is of interest especially from a standard-setting point of view. Finally, studying the same in the context of anxiety & depression indication is really intriguing and is the basis of my research leveraging digital phenotyping.
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Research Unit: Learning Transitions
Learning about transitions & transitions of learning
Study the efficacy of Affect-aware Digital Twin (AADT) on developing Learner's attitudes
Development of Emotional Intelligence in learners and promote Individualized learning at scale
Challenge Lab
Building tools to help students engage with challenges and flourish together
Learning After COVID
For an extraordinary academic year 2020-2021: Inviting learners to rethink their rights & education in the World After
Role of Emotions in predicting mental well-being
Study efficacy of the Digital Therapeutic interventions to improve Mental well-being among University Students
Thematic Workshop - AI in healthcare: Ethics, privacy and accountability issues
Ethic challenges that will be faced in the field of Big Data and AI