Antoine Favier
FIRE PhD student
Hi! I am a PhD student at the Clinical Bioinformatics Lab at Imagine Institute. I work to develop new methodological tools to decipher rare harmful and potentially causal mutations in rare diseases.
Antoine's Bio

I studied biology, chemestry, physics, geology and maths intensively for 3 years in Lille (preparatory class), north of France, to pass the competitive exam for French agronomy engineering schools. I studied agronomy at the ENSAT (École Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie de Toulouse) for two years and started to specialize in biotechnologies for the last 6 months of the second year. Then, I interrupted my studies to have internships in different sectors : a 3-months internship in neuroendocrinology in Lille, a 6-months internship in statistical genetics and bioinformatics in a small genetics company in Limoges to develop strategies for better cattle breeding and finally a 4-months internship in a population genetics lab at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) in Canada. I came back to France to finish my studies in AgroParisTech to specialize in biotechnologies. I did my final intership at the Clinical Bioinformatics Lab at Imagine Institute, Paris, to work on the development of a case-only statistical framework to detect causal mutations. After my diploma, I stayed a few months as an engineer to continue working on this project before starting my thesis.

I enjoy a lot discussing about science and learn new skills , I also like literature and pop culture but above all I love music.

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