anthony bertrand
FIRE PhD Student
Bioinformatician and statistician in the Translational Immunology unit of Institut Pasteur.
anthony's Bio

2022 - Now: First year PhD in the Translational Immunology Unit of Institut Pasteur.

2022: MSc in the Comparative immunology Laboratory of Trinity College Dublin to study the impact of Socioeconomic Status on Immune response

2021: Internship in the Translational Immunology Unit of Institut Pasteur on the study of transcriptional regulatory network.

2019 - 2022: Engineering student at École Centrale de Nantes (bioinformatics, applied mathematics, machine learning and health engineer)

2017 - 2019: Classe préparatoire at the Lycée du Parc in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

I'm very interested in learning languages. In addition to French (mother tongue) and English, I speak Russian, German and I'm curently learning Irish Gaelige.

I love music and I've played the guitar for 14 years.

I'm also interested in every kind of sport.