cédric courson
FIRE PhD student
Curious, Explorer, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Environnementalist, Adventurer, Astronomy, Oceanography, Instrumentation, pedagogy, training, citizen sciences, open science
cédric's Bio

Passionate about exploration and science, I am a dreamer and an entrepreneur. For nearly 10 years I have multiplied roles and skills by working in project management, pedagogy and training, scientific project design, instrumentation techniques, etc. After working in Astronomy, I turned to my second passion, the sea! Founder of Astrolabe Expeditions, I now work to make marine science and exploration more accessible. In addition to contributing to physical explorations of the ocean, I aim to innovate by developing open scientific tools, and is committed to exploring collaborative societal practices.

Open Source Oceanography
A way to accelerate the acquisition of marine environmental knowledge by involving society in oceanographic participatory research
Astrolabe Expeditions
Oceanographique citizen sciences, Sailing citizens sciences expeditions for all.