Camille Gaulon
Scientific and Pedagogical Manager of the PhD School
Camille's Bio

After studies in Physics, specialized in Acoustics, I did my PhD on soundproofing materials. In parallel with my PhD I've also been involved in science popularization and communication: at the scientific museum Palais de la Découverte, in the organization of science festival (like the great one Pint of Science)... I've also organized several seminars and conferences given by, and for, PhD students, since it's important for me to maintain and strengthen a community of young researchers. I'm thus glad to be part of the doctoral school FIRE to support the PhD students during their thesis!

My missions range from the recruiting of new PhD students, pedagogical conception of the doctoral training, scientific mentoring and events, communication, well-being and mental health advocacy...

I'm working closely with my colleagues of other Higher Education programs, especially the AIRE Master which constitutes the EURIP graduate school together with the FIRE doctoral school.

Even if I love science, my free time is mostly dedicated to art, and you have a good chance to find me in a movie theater, see me with a book (high probability that it is Romain Gary), or visiting some temporary exhibition (my preference goes for Japanese paintings). I've started this year to follow courses in Art history, I'd be more than happy to share a chat with you about it!

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