carla tous mayol
Fire PhD student
carla's Bio

First steps into research

Previous to my bachelor studies I became an Environmental Chemistry lab technician, then I continued with a BSc in Biology at the University of Barcelona. After completing all the courses in Barcelona, I decided to carry out my bachelor thesis abroad in the framework of an Erasmus exchange program at the Institut Pasteur of Paris. 

I really like it in this city... So to continue with my studies, I joined the M2 program of the master AIRE, Life Sciences track, where I did lab rotation doing an experimental internship first, at the Synthetic FlyLab (LPI), and a computational internship after, at the Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics (ESPCI and Max Planck Institute).

What now?

In autumn 2021, I started my PhD at the LPI within the FIRE doctoral school. For my research project I aim at developing synthetic membraneless organelles in bacteria using modular Transcriptionally Engineered Addressable RNA Solvent droplets (TEARS) that can recruit proteins.

Or in other words....

"I'm building compartments inside bacteria, so they can do different things for me in there without being bothered by what is going on outside."

On week days you will find me either at my bench pipetting in and out at the 3rd floor, or at my desk (office 2.15) - come say hi!!

But when I'm not around the building, I'll probably be enjoying a long walk around the city, sharing a coffee (or wine) with friends, at the cinema or reading a good book :)

Transcriptionally Engineered Addressable RNA Solvent droplets (TEARS) For Disulfide Protein Folding
Integration of the TEARS droplet system into E. coli, creating synthetic organelles equipped with enzymes for Cys-Cys bond formation
RNA-Based Synthetic Organelles in Bacteria
Developing robust Liquid-Liquid Phase Separated intracellular compartmentalization systems
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Evaluate the impact of lockdown and related parameters on students’ sleeping quality.