camille lakhlifi
FIRE PhD student
► I completed a Bachelor of Biology in Strasbourg, then the CogMaster (master in cognitive science) in Paris, a science and entrepreneurship pre-doctoral program. ► I was and am involved in many different volunteering work, mainly about cognitive science popularization and specifically on the topic of critical thinking. The most important one is Chiasma: this word describes the "carrefour of signals", but also our neuroscientists crew that is passionate about debating all different kinds of topics together, preferably while eating cheese. ► I worked for 1,5 year in the French Behavioural Insights Team, trying to spread the knowledge and methods of cognitive science among French public decision-makers to develop more evidence-based public policies. ► I have several hobbies: making huge bubbles with soap, training, taking naps, playing board games with my friends, losing my time on Youtube, and eating. I hate to cook (I'm usually the person who cleans the dishes at a diner rather than cooks), but I eat as a food vacuum cleaner, especially de la compote ♥
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(Re)thinking science in our society ?
Thematic Workshop organized by a group of students from PhD FIRE doctoral school and AIRE M2