stefano vrizzi
Fire PhD student
Socratic by feeling, neuroscientist by training, sustainability-oriented by necessity.
stefano's Bio

Longer Bio

How do your own beliefs shape society?

To answer this question, on one side I specialised in neural information processing; on the other side, I have been training at the intersection between economics and sustainability. I am currently working on the impact of cognitive biases in the formation of financial market for my PhD.

Broadly speaking, I am interested in understanding how we understand, and how differently.

More specifically, on the basic research side, I aim to develop a theoretical framework based on the concepts of information filtering and adaptation. On the applicative side, I aim to valorise behavioural heterogeneity within society when designing economic interventions.

Finally, I have gained solid professional experience in event management and public outreach. I deeply enjoy learning together, from each other: "if that is granted, all else follows". It is essential for a functioning democracy.

Personal bio

Ciao! To tell you who I am, I'd probably better tell you what I am after.

I love searching for ways to pursue greater harmony in society. I studied neuroscience and cognition to understand a little better how we think; I am training in zipping together sustainability and economics to understand a little better how to act.

Fun (?) facts about my temporary journey on this planet

#154: I like spending time feeding bellies, not bins.

#237: The majority of my stuff is second hand.

#72: I love gathering people together.

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Take care of each other! It's not a challenge about who made more mistakes.