Mathilde Lapoix
FIRE PhD student
MD/PhD student, currently a PhD student in the Wyart Lab at the Paris Brain Institute where I combine high speed imaging and advanced optical techniques to understand the circuits of locomotion in a vertebrate model, the zebrafish larva (check it out, it's a pretty awesome animal).
Mathilde's Bio


Master in Cellular and Network Neurosciences 2018-2019

Master Biologie Intégrative et Physiologie, Paris, France

MD student 2015-2018

Faculté de Médecine de Lyon, France

Undergraduate studies

Additional training in science for MD/PhD students

  • Fondamental sciences applied to biology
  • Embryology, stem cells and cell therapy

Undergrad internships

B. Chazaud, Institut Neuromyogène, Lyon FRANCE

Role of macrophages in the Duchenne muscular dystrophies

J. Lewis, Brain and Mind Institute, Ottawa CANADA

Electric sense in the weakly electric fish

Thematic Workshop - AI in healthcare: Ethics, privacy and accountability issues
Ethic challenges that will be faced in the field of Big Data and AI