Vincent Mallet
FIRE PhD student
Vincent's Bio

I'm Vincent, a PhD student in Pasteur Institute (with Michael Nilges) and les Mines-ParisTech (with Jean-Philippe Vert). I work on geometric deep learning methods for structural biology. The main idea is to include geometrical priors into machine learning systems to help these systems learn more efficient and robust models. For instance, most machine learning models make different predictions when run on rotated versions of their input, which does not make sense for say, protein classification.

I mostly work on equivariant methods. These methods involve group theory and graph theory, along with deep learning and biology (mostly RNA and protein structure). Before doing my PhD, I pursued a Research Computer Science Master's degree at McGill University under the supervision of Jérome Waldispuhl. And before that I was a student at Ecole Polytechnique, in the BioInformatics program.

I like to be with friends and party ! I (used to, :'( covid) have a collective with 6 friends that organises techno parties with visual animations : Phasm (find us on FB or instagram @phasm_crew). I will always be down for grabbing a beer !

I also love sports such as climbing, ski hiking or running. During Polytechnique, I was a mountain troop lieutenant for 7 month, these were amazing times

I like reading and watching movies; my favorite writers and directors include Breton, Aragon, Gide, Camus, Vian, Gary, Bunuel, Larrain, Lynch and Gondry... and many others !

The last thing I'm passionate about is cooking, talk to me about food and you're guaranteed to have my undivided attention !

Thematic Workshop - AI in healthcare: Ethics, privacy and accountability issues
Ethic challenges that will be faced in the field of Big Data and AI