Nicolas Decat
FIRE PhD Student
I am a first-year PhD student at the Paris Brain Institute, working on sleep and consciousness. I focus on the transition from wake to sleep and its underlying conscious experiences and cognitive processes. I am currently investigating the link between sleep onset and creativity using EEG. In my next project, I will explore the richness of conscious experiences arising as we fall asleep, as a way to understand how dreams are produced in the brain. I am also interested in dream incubation, i.e., delivering external stimuli during sleep to influence the content of the dreams.
Nicolas's Bio

I did a Bachelor's in France and the USA, then a Master's in Cognitive Science at the University of Trento, Italy. Through internships I investigated the neural correlates of dreaming (CHUV Lausanne, Switzerland), the link between mind-wandering and creativity (MBI Melbourne, Australia) and the neural mechanisms of lucid dreaming (WISC, USA).

I am very interested in data visualisation, science communication and neurotech! Big fan of naps too...