megumi inoue
FIRE PhD student
Artist and scientist in training. Originally from Japan, I grew up between the suburbs of Los Angeles and the city of Yokohama.
megumi's Bio

I graduated with BS in Premedical Studies in May 2020 from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, USA. As an undergrad I worked on 3D printing anatomical models from biomedical data at the Innovation Lab (Notre Dame).

This fall I join the lab of Dr. Alain Chédotal at the Vision Institute (Sorbonne University, INSERM, CNRS) with a project that looks at the development of branching organs such as lungs, kidneys, and pancreas in the early human embryo. A combination of immunolabeling, solvent based tissue clearing, and light sheet microscopy will be used to generate 3D datasets of the organs at various developmental intervals. This data will be used to identify rules in branching patterns and develop a mathematical model that will provide insight into the mechanism behind branching organization. This will be developed with Dr. Ben Simon's lab at Cambridge University. The aim of the project is to provide a model 3D map of various human branching organs in development and uncover new knowledge on human development.

COVID & Science Communication
Documentation of the Thematic Workshop for COVID & Science Communication
Branching Morphogenesis in Human Embryos
Understand how branching patterns develop in early human development.