arthur le coz
Fire PhD student
I am a PhD student working at the Paris Brain Institute, studying the sleep-wake continuum. I want to bring the gap closer between those two states that used to be separated and better characterize local sleep and its phenomenology. To do so, I’m studying sleep-wake neurophysiology of patients with Narcolepsy. I plan to record fluctuation of attention through local sleep signatures on portable EEG devices in amphitheaters.
arthur's Bio

Master’s Degree in Molecular, Cellular and Integrated Neurosciences

  • Research Engineer on how Memory Restructuration during sleep favors Creativity 

(Paris Brain Institute - Delphine Oudiette, Théophile Bieth, Emmanuelle Volle)

  • M2 Internship on Volition and Motor Planification during Lucid Dreaming 

(Paris Brain Institute - Thomas Andrillon, Benjamin Baird, Stephen Laberge)

  • M1 Internship on Neuroergonomy, Mental Workload and Human Factor 

(ISAE Supaero - Mickaël Causse, Almoctar Hassoumi)

I’m mind wandering while doing bibliography about mind-wandering.